With the possibility of yet another large supermarket, Sainsburys, coming to a deserted Memorial Ground near you, the article on the ever expanding empires of the supermarkets in the July e Bulletin of the Civic Society is both timely and very relevant.

The planning application by Sainsburys to build on the Rugby Memorial Ground is still not yet in the public domain, so we cannot be certain of the outcome at this stage. However, as the Civic Society article points out, Manchester with a  population of 1.7 million has 37 supermarkets, while Bristol, with little more than a third of Manchester's population has 30 large supermarkets.

You can read more of the views of the Bristol Civic Society concerning the apparent ease with which supermarket companies exploit planning proceedures at http://www.bristolcivicsociety.org.uk/publications/ebulletins/2011-ebulletins/

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