The main applications the Society has commented on are: 213 Gloucester Road, 14 and 16 Beloe Road and 42, Wolseley Road.

213 GLOUCESTER RD 11/02834 Change of use from retail to café.

No comment other than to say that it will be better to have a café forecourt rather than a car parking on the pavement.

14 & 16 BELOE ROAD 11/02287 Development of back garden for 6 new houses.
'The Bishopston Society is very concerned about this development which we consider to be over development of a backland site. The 6 new houses proposed are crammed onto the site with only one car space per dwelling and an extremely narrow and tenuous road access.

The application refers to 3 bedroom houses when in fact these are 4 bedroom houses (with 7 bedspaces) where bedroom 4 is labelled as a study. The floor area of the houses is approximately 97m2. The BCC Core Strategy Space Standards require a minimum of 108m2 for a 4 bedroom 7 bedspace house. The floor plans show how the design of these houses is inadequate. The two double bedrooms on the first floor measure just 2.5m wide and 8.5m2 in area with nowhere to put either a desk/dressing table or a chest of drawers. Worse still, the Living Room shows only seating for 4 people and the Kitchen Dining is completely unworkable with only a small table for 4 people.

We consider this application to be gross over development and the house units not designed to adequate space standards. We recommend refusal.'

42 WOLSELEY ROAD 11/026614 Lengthening of existing rear 2 storey extension.
The Bishopston Society is concerned about this application as the houses in Wolseley Road are already extremely narrow and the gardens very short. The planning guidance for rear extensions is clearly set out in the Planning Portal ‘Do you need permission?’ and BCC Supplementary Planning Document No 2 which state that any 2 storey extension must not project more than 3m from the rear wall of the original house and must not encroach within 7m of the rear boundary. In this case even the existing single and 2 storey extension does not comply with current requirements. If permission were to be granted for this application, then the resultant 2 storey extension would project approximately 6.5m beyond the face of the original house and in front of the neighbour’s rear windows blocking out most of the view and daylight. We recommend refusal

Withdrawal of Application
The Installation of side and rear roof extensions and  the addition of a spiral fire escape to side of the property at 24 Broadway Road Bishopston Bristol BS7 8ES

Applications to be considered
Children's nursery at 81 Somerville Rd, St Andrews (details on FOSAP website)

The modernisation of the county cricket ground revised application (11/0209/F)

14 Gloucester Road - Change of use from Use Class A2 (Employment Agency) to Coffee Shop (Mixed Use Classes A1/A3) including the use of the highway for outdoor seating. (11/02673/F)

Notification of Decisions:-

172 Ashley Down Road Bristol BS7 9JZ  Granted (11/01829/F)

25 Seymour Road Bishopston Bristol BS7 9HS   Demolition of existing dwelling and construction of 5 no. 2.5 storey 3/4 bedroom  town houses and associated landscape works Granted(11/01571/F)

7A Egerton Road
Bristol BS7 8HN  (11/01846/H)  Granted

Other Points of Note:-
Bristol City Council adopted its Core Strategy Development Plan Document at the Full Council meeting on 21st June 2011.

Meeting to be arranged with Bev Knott about our increasing concern about recent planning permissions granted within the Bishopston Area and the proposals for the Arundel Rd Garages.

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