Richard Leonard, the organiser of the anti-Costa campaign has told us that 'Costa' have resubmitted their planning application.

Apparently, the Planning Department has received a re-submitted original application from Costa/South West Coffee Ltd, to which has been added some additional justification for the application. Richard says that this re-submission is an easier route for them rather than taking the one where they have to appeal. Details of this new application are not yet available to see on the BCC website but a planning officer has told the Bishopston Society that "a covering letter has been added" to the original application. We understand this addresses one of the reasons given for refusing the application ("loss of diversity") by looking at the extent of A2 Use Class establishments (Financial and Professional Services) in the Gloucester Road as the previous Use Class of 14 Gloucester Road was A2 (employment agency). Hopefully the full details of the re-application will appear on the BCC website this week. As soon as it does, we will be able to give full details of this revised application. 

The new date for consideration by the committee is 9 November. Richard says: " I assume that the application will be heard by the same councillors and my initial thought is that these should be lobbied before the meeting by as many of the petition signatories as possible. I will circulate the councillors contact details to as many people as possible."

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