The Bishopston Society has reviewed this application and would like to make the following comments:

The property is a 2 bed 3 person unit with an approximate internal floor area of 54.8m2.  This is significantly less than the minimum BCC Core Strategy- Residential Space Standards area of 57m2.  The result of this area shortfall is that the living/Dining and Kitchen are small.  However, whilst the bungalow is under area it is still large on the site.  The gable wall will overshadow the garden of no. 71 next door.  Furthermore, the window–to–window distance between the new property and nos. 71,72 and 73 is only 14m, whereas the norm is 20m.  The problem of overlooking adjacent properties is further exacerbated by the provision of the two large folding sliding doors to the rear elevation.

Our recommendation would be to reduce the proposal from 2bed to 1bed, with a minimum area of 45m2.  This would ensure that the internal arrangement is sufficiently spacious and furthermore that the building does not exceed the reasonable capacity of the site.


Decision from the Planning department:

Dear Sir/Madam

Notification of Decision

Application No.  13/03110/F
Site Address:  73 Sommerville Road Bristol BS7 9AE

Following your comments about the above application, I can inform you that the proposal was considered under delegated powers on 28 November 2013, and the decision was as follows:  GRANTED subject to condition(s).

A copy of the officer report and the decision notice with any conditions attached, can now be viewed from our website. See:

Yours faithfully

Development Management
Bristol City Council

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