The letter below has been sent to the Planning Department:

64 EGERTON ROAD      13/05674/H

The Bishopston Society is generally supportive of this small application for a single storey extension.

The extension is discreet with a low eaves and low pitch roof.  We are not concerned by the modernist treatment of the windows as the extension is almost completely screened by the boundary wall.  However, it might make more sense to rotate the sink in the Utility through 90deg so that there is a view out to the front garden via the lower lights of the ladder window, in preference to having false panels.

We would also much prefer the roof detailing to the extension if the fascia boards were slimmed down to a more elegant proportion to suit the scale of the new extension.

However, our main concern is the loss of the high hedge behind the boundary wall, which is so important in giving the house its secluded setting.  The Street Elevations show the hedge retained alongside the new side extension, whereas the plans and sections show that this is not possible as there is insufficient space remaining.  We recommend that the hedge is retained in full behind the wall to the rear garden and, only for the length of the new extension, is replaced with a trellis mounted on top of the wall to support a new prolific climbing plant the height of which matches the existing hedge.

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