18 GLOUCESTER ROAD -  BLUE LAGOON -  13/05098/F  Here is our letter sent to the Planning department: Note however that this was written without knowledge of the 3 large patio heaters, which were not included in the original application to the Council.

We have subsequently complained to the Planning department with a copy sent to the Mayor, arguing that fixtures like these are hardly compatible with Bristol's Green Capital image.

The Bishopston Society has no objection to the proposal for the enlargement of the Blue Lagoon but is concerned about the over dominant effect of such a wide shop frontage with, it must be said, an extremely bold style and colour which would not be in keeping with the pattern of the street as a whole.


We support the enlargement of the premises but would recommend that the frontage to the extension is expressed visually in a more neutral style, in order to maintain the rhythm of the street.
We are also concerned about the possible increase in noise levels as a result of the use of folding doors.
We recommend that the potential noise disturbance is reviewed and mitigated by a change to the design and/or by appropriate planning conditions.

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