LAND TO REAR OF 45 & 47 RADNOR ROAD      14/00558/F
We consider that this application is a more acceptable solution than the previous refused application 13/02244.  Our comments are as follows:

 -  The previous application was refused partly for having inadequate parking provision.  This still applies and we would recommend that a second parking space should be added before permission is granted.

  -  We acknowledge that the design of the proposal is not totally in keeping with the surrounding properties, but consider that the lower eaves and dormers are appropriate to set it apart as a building which is clearly subsidiary to the typical 2 storey houses in the neighbourhood.

-   However, there one or two elements of the design which are unnecessarily elaborate and/or out of keeping.  The first is the heavy treatment to the dormers and the raised verges which only serve to make the design look cumbersome and would be better omitted and the second is the grey windows which are a current fashion and are not appropriate in this setting.

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