43 Nevil Road - Copy43 NEVIL ROAD
Copy of our letter to the BCC Planning Department:

We consider that the current proposal is a marked improvement over the previous application 13/04582/F, which had 7 flats and excessive on-site parking and significant loss of the boundary wall enclosure.

However we are still concerned at the prospect of 5 flats with only 2 off-street parking spaces. We appreciate that the applicant is proposing to rebuild the side extension in the style, materials and craftsmanship to match the existing house but we are concerned about the fire escape from the bedrooms of flats 4 and 5 passing through the living area, which is a fire hazard. 
We recommend that the accommodation is reduced from 5 flats to 4 flats and the off-street parking increased from 2 to 3, by the addition of space within the proposed parking area off of Mervyn Road. With the further additional space already proposed on Nevil Road, by the omission of the existing off-street space, this would make the application ‘parking-neutral’ with 4 spaces for 4 flats.

In conclusion, we would recommend that the application as currently formulated is refused.

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