13 TYNE ROAD   14/05476/F

The Bishopston Society is very concerned about this application for a 4 Bedroom (3 bedrooms plus a study) 2 storey family house within the rear garden of 13 Tyne Road and accessed by means of a narrow rear lane which to date has served only garages.  Our concerns are as follows;

1.       The site currently has 4 garages which are set back from the lane by approximately 2m to allow cars to manoeuvre in and out of the garages.  The proposed dwelling has been positioned tight to the lane.  We do not consider that this will allow sufficient space to get in and out of the single parking space and will lead to congestion within the lane.

2.       The lane is too narrow to support houses and the statutory refuse and emergency access which would be required.

3.       The proposed dwelling has a garden area of approx. 4m x 5m which is totally inadequate for its size.

4.       The dwelling is 2 storeys high which would be a major intrusion within the rear garden area overlooked and enjoyed by so many other houses.  When we analyse the plan layout we see that the upper level provides only one bedroom; the remaining volume is a large void over the staircase and a much larger void over the living room.  In short, there is no justification for house to be 2 storeys high.

5.       The roof is said to project out to protect the living room glazing from the summer sun.  In fact the angle and level of the roof is such that it will have no beneficial effect.  This overhang only serves to make the house appear even larger and more domineering.

6.       The design and form of the house is alien to the neighbourhood.

7.       This application sets a very bad precedent for future garden grabbing developments within the area.  The greenery and wildlife which exists within these collective rear garden areas is so much part of the character of Bishopston.  This development would cause the loss of privacy within all of the adjacent gardens.

We strongly recommend refusal.

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