This is the proposed conversion of a 6 bed house into an HMO for 7/8 persons.

The Bishopston Society objects to this application on the basis that having another HMO in the street would increase existing problems of noise, rubbish and bins being left out on pavements which are associated with student lets.

The pavement outside the house is narrow and steep such that any obstructions would cause severe inconvenience to local residents, particularly the elderly.

Two years ago permission was granted for a new 4 bedroom house within the garden and this application represents further intensification and downgrading of the area. Furthermore there  is little refuse/recycling and no cycle storage facilities shown on the application drawings. These would therefore need to be accommodated within purpose designed enclosures within the front garden which would take out the only parking space proposed. It states that the two further bedrooms within the roof space at second floor level would be locked off for safety reasons. We feel sure that this would be very difficult to enforce in practice and that the house could well be over occupied and its residents placed at risk.

This property would be much better converted into two self-contained flats.

We recommend refusal.

Update  :  This application has been withdrawn.

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