planningapplications Planning Application 16/00636/H

This application is for a substantial 2 storey rear extension. The Bishopston Society understand the thinking behind the decision to 'split' the extension visually into two halves in order to reduce its visual impact.

However, there will need to be a setback from the square modernist treatment to the tile-hung cottage treatment in order for it to read properly. This setback should be shown on the plans.
At the front of the house we would note that the new porch is shown with a full-length side wall on one drawing but cut back with a corner post on another. We would prefer that it is cut back with the post as this adds a degree of refinement and detail which is welcome. We would question the design of the front which looks out of keeping with a property of this character and scale. We feel that a traditional panelled door would be more appropriate.

This application was granted, subject to conditions on April 29th 2016. For details see: here

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