Roof Extensions - CopyAs our web site develops we intend to showcase online examples of good and bad architecture in our area, reflecting the display boards that local people may have seen at our events. Here are some initial examples to be going on with for now.

 Example of bad architecture

 Unsightly roof extensions

Many home owners are choosing to gain extra living space with roof extensions. There is, unfortunately, little planning control over these; and many such developments are an eye-sore and spoil not only the look of the house, but also of the street.

Additionally, it is worth noting that since this photo was taken, the graffiti seen here has been painted out by the Neighbourhood Partnership Gloucester Road Streetscene Group - a dedicated band of (mainly volunteers) whose vigilance and quick response to new graffiti has virtually kept the Gloucester Road area free from its ravages.

Examples of good architecture

Modern developments can be attractive and well designed

Elton Mews:

Here, behind the Promenade on the Gloucester Road is an interesting development of small, characterful 'starter' units, spoilt only by the wheelie bins.

Elton Mews behind the Promenade

 The same development of Elton Mews, behind the Promenade, seen from the rear, showing lovely communal gardens.