planningapplicationsApplication Summary
Address: 28 & 30 Cranbrook Road Bristol BS6 7BW
Proposal: Works to front and rear roofslopes of each house to facilitate loft conversions.

Whilst we accept that a great deal of thought has gone into this application, we cannot support it, on the grounds that it looks lumpen and ungainly from the front and side and quite horrendous from the rear.

28 to 30 cranbrook Road 1

We understand that it is not easy to work around the existing split-level arrangement at the rear of the properties, but this does not mean that an unsatisfactory end result is acceptable.

The three28 to 30 Cranbrook Road 22 pane casement windows proposed to the roof level extensions are out of keeping with the character of the existing properties and the rendered finish to the large rear dormer only serves to emphasise its bulk and its ungainly position, right on the rear corner of the houses. The veluxes on the side dormers, to provide ventilation to the en-suites, look fussy and out of place.

28 to 30 Cranbrook Road 33

Despite all good intentions to retain the balanced appearance of the two houses as matching semis, we are not convinced that the end result is acceptable, particularly within a Conservation Area setting. We recommend refusal.