planningapplicationsPlanning Application 16/02546/CP

Application for a Lawful Development Certificate for proposed roof extensions.

The Society is extremely concerned about both the general principle and the actual design of these proposed roof extensions.
Here we have an application for a so-called Lawful Development which is said to comply with the scant requirements of permitted development as set out under current planning policy. In practice, the proposal is grossly over-scaled and extremely unsightly, particularly when viewed from the street. The clear presumption of permitted development policy in relation to roof extensions is that it only applies when the proposed extension is on the rear of the building and thus NOT visible from the street frontage. Any proposal on the front elevation requires detailed planning permission and on that basis its appearance, most particularly when viewed from the street frontage, would be subject to scrutiny and compliance with the norms of good taste and respect for the character of the main building and the surrounding area.
This application is a classic example of how not to convert and extend a roofspace for the following reasons;
- The extensions pay no respect to the hipped form of the roof or the character of the house
- The boxy extensions on either side of the roof are clearly visible from the street and on the NE elevation actually steps out twice
- The rear elevation has been extended out to form a huge glazed gable which overlooks the rear gardens of adjacent properties
- The roof extensions spoil the inherent character and massing of the house and would create something bizarre and unwelcome on Queens Drive
We need to be extremely careful when extending/upgrading period properties not to destroy the charm and character of the property and in turn the surrounding area. After all, the period charm and character of Bishopston is what makes it such an attractive place to live and the reason that it is so popular. If we allow properties to be extended/adapted in an uncontrolled way, simply to provide additional accommodation, we can envisage a situation in the not too distant future where virtually every house in every street has been spoilt in some way and the neighbourhoods have lost their character and are literally unrecognisable.
We recommend refusal.

Update  :  The application was allowed on 11 July 2016.