planningapplicationsPlanning application 16/05386/F

Partial demolition of existing building and erection of 2 and 3 storey building comprising 8 one, two and three bedroom flats (1no. one bedroom; 6. two bedroom and 1no. three bedroom); secure cycle parking; refuse and recycling store and ancillary development.

The Bishopston Society considers that this second application is a significant improvement over the earlier.......It makes better use of the site, intrudes less on adjacent properties and goes a long way to being a Landmark Building reflecting its prominent corner position.
However it is the architectural language of this 'landmark' character which does not sit easily within its context. We are still concerned that the building, whilst being carefully designed per se, has little affinity with the residential character of its surroundings. For example, the grey metal cladding (to the upper floor on the corner above the entrance door and where the building abuts no. 67 North Road) would feel more appropriate in a commercial setting but feels rather cold and corporate when set alongside traditional gabled properties on a domestic side street. The only links visually between the new building and its surroundings are the orange-multi brick which picks up the buildings directly opposite and the tall thin proportion of the windows. We feel that the architectural language in this case is too square and abstract and that a more literal interpretation of the local character would be more in tune with its surroundings. This is not to say that the building should replicate its neighbours, simply that it should go further to acknowledge and thus sit harmoniously within its setting.

Whilst we are pleased to see that the height of the building is lower along the side boundary with no. 11 North Road, we are concerned that it is significantly higher than the existing building where it abuts the pub garden. The addition of 8 no. new dwellings will clearly have a detrimental impact on the parking situation locally.