ApplicationsPlanningPlanning Application 17/05639/F

Demolish existing outbuildings and construct a new dwelling to continue the existing terrace of houses. Hip to gable roof extension to No. 10.

We consider that the shape and area of the site available for this proposed 3 bed family infill house is inadequate, but we are conscious of the need to make the best use of available land. We suggest that the house be reduced to a 2 bed unit at 79 or even 70m2 on two floors, which would be more compatible with the tiny garden area available. We feel that the application is well designed and presented, but we would recommend that quoins and a raised parapet should be added to the gable wall and that it should be built of rustic brick (ideally reclaim brick) to blend it into the boundary wall facing the Common and to minimise the risk of graffiti. We recommend refusal as submitted due to inadequate amenity space for a 5 person dwelling.

Update  :  This application was granted on 20 December 2017, subject to conditions.