Bristol local plan

The Local Plan Review will look at BCC policies that determine the way that decisions are taken on planning applications in the city. It will include decisions on the areas which can and can't be developed and built on.

DRAFT BRISTOL LOCAL PLAN PROPOSES HIGHER DENSITY 'URBAN LIVING'. Your chance to respond to the consultation questionnaire.

Bristol City Council is in the throes of updating the LOCAL PLAN and the draft document is available for public consultation until April 13. Whilst the draft Local Plan covers every aspect from the preponderance of student housing in parts of the city through to the quality of digital connectivity, the main thrust of the document is the bold proposal to solve Bristol's pressing need for future expansion WITHOUT actually expanding its boundaries, rather by encouraging high density urban 'Urban Living'.

URBAN LIVING, as it is known, based on planning policy applied successfully in London since 2015, promotes the development of compact and characterful mixed use urban areas in parts of the city which are rundown or underdeveloped, but yet well connected to public transport. An example of such a scheme is the new Wapping Wharf development on the Harbourside, as photo below.

 PHOTO 7 Wapping Wharf

The one pillar of the policy which The Bishopston Society does not support, however, is the insistence on the need for high rise buildings (10+ storeys) to both increase the density locally, say at the local railway station, whilst at the same time creating a local landmark. Our view is that high rise towers are not necessary to achieve the required density and have many disbenefits: they are inflexible for future uses, they cause significant overshadowing at an unpleasant local microclimate, whilst at the same time creating social isolation and exclusion. European cities like Paris, Amsterdam and Copenhagen have long banned high rise buildings from their centres and yet have achieved high density development by the use of medium-height urban blocks (3-6 storeys) and their cities are famous, just like Bristol, for their liveability and of course their beauty.

Urban living


We would encourage you to read the  documents (listed below) and to respond to the consultation questionnaire.

1. Draft Local Plan here
2. Urban Living SPD here

This is your chance to give your views on the future development of Bristol. How to do this and further background information can be found here