The following objection to the Sainsbury's Planning application has been made by our 'Tree Champion', Clive Stevens:

Unfortunately we have to object again to the revised landscape plans (posted 19th June). But firstly it is good to note there have been two positive actions since the first application. These are:
    i) adding 7 more trees in the Northern corner (recycling area) – these should add another 3% or so to the tree canopy.
    ii) a tree canopy analysis provided by the landscape architect (not up on the planning site yet) is excellent, showing the existing %, the % projected in 30 years’ time if the existing trees were allowed to mature (i.e. no development) and the % projected for the new planting scheme. This latter figure is 11.3% (approx.) which is much better than current and the previous plan.
    BUT we have 2 reasons for objection…
    iii) The tree canopy target for Bristol is 30% for future public health reasons; BCS09 asks to increase coverage and this is particularly important in Bishopston which has a low canopy compared with Bristol’s average and for example neighbouring Redland. So we propose they plant 3 trees in the car park (to the NE which juts out approx. 20m from the main building). These trees can be contained in pits (just like the 2 new ones in the car park outside Brunel House) and be contained within a “diamond” of 1m x 1m. Further details will be provided in our report to the Planning Committee. (as extra evidence may I site the 5 artist’s impressions put up on 8th June, these are virtually devoid of trees which is still quite an accurate depiction. We need more…)
    AND iv) Separately we have received a representation from a resident of Strathmore Road who would like evergreen trees planted on the boundary with the back gardens to screen the buildings and reduce noise. The current planting proposal there is pretty minor and so we agree with this resident’s suggestion.


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