This idea is to restore the exterior of this historic building to its original glory, and to keep the building in the public domain, rather than to turn it into private accommodation, as is proposed by the property developer, Linden Homes.

McArthur’s Warehouse is just about the only original warehouse in the city docks area. It is in a conservation area, which should, but which apparently does not, confer protection upon it. Linden Homes are proposing yet more of what is effectively privatisation of the historic dock area. What they want to do is to convert the building to “mainly a residential development with commercial space to provide employment and services for the growing local community”. In other words, to make the usual huge profit (they wouldn’t be interested otherwise) with the sop to the community being to provide some unspecified number of jobs.

To find out more about this proposal to save the warehouse as part of Bristol's dockside heritage and for community use, go to:

Photos of the derelict McArthur's warehouse can be seen here:

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