SainsburysAn application for an extension to the original planned delivery hours has been submitted by Sainsbury's. The company is now saying they would need to be able to deliver goods to the store during a 19 hour day, extending between 5 a.m. to midnight of the following day. The Bishopston Society's letter to the Planning Department, concerning this application reads:


Further to our earlier objection to the planning application for the Sainsburys supermarket, which has since been approved by the planning committee, we would like to confirm our further objection to this subsequent application to increase the delivery hours. The proposal is to increase the delivery hours to a period running from 0500 hours to 0001; in effect almost all night except from just after midnight until 5am.

We are already extremely concerned at the prospect of a new supermarket even larger than Tesco at Eastville proposed within a dense urban residential area. However, the longer proposed delivery hours are completely incompatible within a residential area which comprises almost totally of family houses. Why should local residents’ lives be blighted by relentless congestion all day long as well as being subject to commercial noise and disruption for most of the night. This further application only serves to demonstrate how inappropriate such a large commercial outlet is within a residential area and that, quite clearly, planning should not have been granted in the first place.

We strongly recommend refusal.

Comments, for or against the planning proposal, can be made on the Council's website here

Outcome: Extension to delivery times accepted

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