One of The Bishopston Society's concerns for our area is pubs and other alcohol outlets. We are not opposed to alcohol sales,  local entertainment venues or social activities - far from it, they are integral elements of the vibrancy of Bishopston - but we are conscious of the cumulative impact of multiple venues. Hence our aim is to monitor licensing applications and make representations accordingly. The articles in this section cover the work we did in this area between 2010 and 2015. However since then we have had nobody looking after this work, so are asking potential helpers to contact us if interested in helping to revive this work.


447 GLOUCESTER ROAD Application No. 15/04292/F

The Bishopston Society is extremely interested in this application for a change of use to a micro-pub.  This is a novel concept and small scale and locally sourced and based.

 alcohol licencesThis application from the Anchor pub was seeking 'to have the rear patio area open until 23.00; and that after 23.00 hours the rear patio area is to be closed except in an emergency and all loudspeakers be silenced if the doors are opened and also that the external rear garden must not be used by customers after 23.00'.


A licensing application has been made for sales up to 4 o'clock in the morning, within the Cumulative Impact Area.

The Bishopston Society is requesting refusal  :

The City Council have provided some advice for residents wishing to object to a licensing application.

BarTapsThe Licensing Committee has rejected an application from Boston Tea Party to extend its hours, and to sell drinks without food.
Particular store was set by objections from local residents concerned by existing noise levels, and worried by the prospect of anti-social behaviour.

Worryingly though, the Committee still does not appear to understand its own policy  -  the Cumulative Impact Area.

wetherspoonsFollowing the withdrawal of their previous application, Wetherspoon have submitted a new application to turn 349-353 Gloucester Road into a pub.

 The details can be seen here.

You can make a public comment on this application on the Council's website here.

Application ref number  :  14/05393/PREM

The application is for the sale of alcohol Monday to Sunday between the hours of 10:00 and 22:30.

 The Bishopston Society had objected to the application on the grounds that the premises are within the Cumulative Impact Area (CIA), but following the withdrawal of the Environmental Officer's objection, our objection has also been withdrawn.

The hearing for this application has been set for 5 March 2015, at 10:00 in Brunel House, St Georges Road, Bristol BS1 5UY, when the planning and licensing applications will be heard at the same time.

The Bishopston Society has objected to the application (for an extension of alcohol and music hours to midnight, 7 days a week) on the grounds that the premises are within the Cumulative Impact Area (CIA)


The Society has just received the following letter from Bristol City Council concerning the application by Wetherspoon for a pub at 349-353 Gloucester Road:

wetherspoonsThe Bishopston Society is extremely concerned about this application from Wetherspoons for one of their pubs to be allocated at 349-353 Gloucester Road.  This marks a significant and unwelcome milestone in the current trend to ‘alcoholise’ the Gloucester Road.