At the full council meeting of Bristol City Council on 29 June, the proposal to establish a "cumulative impact area" (CIA) on Gloucester Road, Bishopston, was approved. This comes into effect on 1 August. Cumulative Impact Areas are ones where licensed premises (pub, bars, clubs and so on, plus late night food outlets and various others) are more tightly regulated due to the concentration and the public nuisance and crime implications. The idea is that the concentration has reached saturation point and that adding more licenses in (or extending the existing ones) would add to the existing problems.

At the Council meeting Cllr Neil Harrison (who spoke recently at the Bishopston Society meeting) and the agenda and council papers mentioned that "The Chair of the Bishopston Society supported the proposal for Gloucester Road expressing concern about maintaining 'the precarious balance between the 'vibrant' night life of the areas and the needs of residents".

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