GCCC have applied for a new licence for the Cricket Ground covering sales of alcohol and the provision of live/recorded music, dance and ‘similar entertainment’.  Deadline for responding to the Council about this is Friday 12th July! 


How would this be different from their existing licence?

•    Live/recorded music, dance and ‘similar entertainment’ could be provided indoors OR OUTDOORS at the Cricket Ground any day of the year between 8 am and 11.45 pm (Currently such entertainment is restricted to indoors, with all windows closed and outside speakers are forbidden except for the public address system on match days.)
•    Alcohol could be sold every day at the Cricket Club from 8 am to 11.45 pm (Currently alcohol can be sold from 10 am to 11.45 pm)

You may also want to know that:

•    The planning consent given in 2012 limits concerts at the Cricket Ground to 2 per year unless otherwise agreed with the planners. However it is unlikely that this would cover all events involving outdoor music e.g. parties/weddings/corporate events.
•    The Club is very keen to ‘maximise commercial opportunities’ – see recent Evening Post Article* http://www.bristolpost.co.uk/Gloucestershire-target-big-rise-commercial-income/story-19417544-detail/story.html

•    The only step the Cricket Club has suggested in the new application to prevent nuisance is that if Council Officers witness noise at a level causing unreasonable disturbance to neighbouring residents they can request the Club installs noise limiting equipment to sound amplification systems within a month.

If you are concerned about this application you need to object to the Licensing Authority
by Friday 12th July!

Here’s how:

Preferably by email:

Or write to Licensing Office, Princess House, Princess Street, Bedminster, Bristol, BS3 4AG

Please include your name and address and say that your representation relates to the GCCC Premises Licence Application Reference 13/01455/PREM

Objections need to be on the grounds of:  prevention of crime and disorder/public safety/protection of children or prevention of public nuisance - so your reasons need to relate to one or more of these.

It will be difficult to get this licence refused, but we can ask for conditions e.g. strict limits on the number of events with outdoor music; music and dancing generally to be held indoors; limits on the hours when drinking is allowed outside; limits on and/or monitoring of noise levels from the outset - you may be able to think of others!

HowZat? Residents’ Group

*You may have noticed that the Evening Post article (see above link) mentions permanent flood lights.  This is a planning, not a licensing, issue and would require a new planning application.  We are monitoring the situation and will keep you updated if you join our mailing list.                

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